Knowing how a web page or service is handling under load is important as it affects if you would need to scale out or up your servers. With load testing you could also identify and rectify performance issues. With WebMaestro you can perform basic load testing of a single url and see the average response times. To get started with load testing do the following: Create a new request. Click the Test button to open the load test window.

  •   September 24, 2022

Debugging web sites and services can be tricky even though you are using tools like Fiddler or Burp. The tools are excellent when it comes to intercept the HTTP calls, but to replay the call and modify parameters and headers then WebMaestro is a better tool Here is a simple example on how to create a request from raw HTTP. Start Fiddler and make sure it is capturing web traffic.

  •   September 4, 2022

Most often when you get a response from a REST API or a web service the formatting of the response is done so all content is on one line. There are many websites where it is possible to prettify the response so it is more readable. But sometimes you have somewhat quite sensitive data in the response and don not want to take the risk of sharing this data with an online service.

  •   September 3, 2022

The easy way to get started with
HTTP API testing.

Have REST API endpoint that you need to test? Or maybe a SOAP service that you need to mock?
With WebMaestro you can perform both in the app!

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